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Animal Companions: Training Mechanics

Back in August, I wrote a post about incorporating Animal Companions (AnC) into your D&D party. I enjoyed the topic so much, I wanted to explore it further! In our Heroes of Iyastera campaigns, each party has its own AnCs, whether through class-granted bonds (Ranger and Wizard), or through backstory. In an effort to elevate… Continue reading Animal Companions: Training Mechanics

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Community Creation: Jawri the Ranger

Long overdue, here is the finished character sheet for Jawri the Tabaxi Ranger, from the upcoming Heroes of Iyastera mini-campaign, Welcome to the Guild! This sailor-turned mercenary is one of the possible companions your party may meet as they work for the Indomitable Bastions, the newest Adventuring Guild in Iacosta. We created her story on-stream… Continue reading Community Creation: Jawri the Ranger

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Worldbuilding: Local Customs

Time for another Worldbuiling post!! This time, we'll explore the theme of culture a bit more. We've already explored the things that will impact the evolution of different cultures and the way culture and language are interconnected...now we'll look at different ways you can show customs and practices through the behaviour of your characters! The… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Local Customs

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Homebrewed: Campaign Prep Guidelines

Being a GM is a big job: you need to be familiar with the rules (or at least know where to find them in the reference books), create engaging challenges for your players to solve, and weave it all together in an interesting story that will capture the imagination. If you're lucky enough to be… Continue reading Homebrewed: Campaign Prep Guidelines

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Serpent’s Redemption

Animals are a common theme across the spectrum of folklore and fables, with many animals presented as embodiments of certain virtues: Foxes are clever Owls are wise Lions are proud There are positive and negative characteristics for most of the creatures...except for the Snake. In most western storytelling, our friend Snake is associated with qualities… Continue reading Serpent’s Redemption