Wanderer’s Journal: Through the Forest

Hello, fair Scribblers! I’d like to introduce new segment: the “Wanderer’s Journal”! This is going to be a re-ocurring series with observations and interesting things I’ve learned while wandering across the realms.

One of my favourite things to explore on my travels are the different forests and woods of the world. There’s just something about the feeling of a forest, simultaneously ancient and teeming with life, that captures the imagination.

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Lore Drop: Red Caps

Have I mentioned how much I love mythology and folklore yet? No? Ok then…

I LOVE mythology and folklore!! I especially love incorporating folklore into my RPG settings in new and interesting ways; introducing opportunities for empathy and “gray area” while still staying faithful to certain key elements of the original tales. One example of this is the Iyasteran take on Red Caps.

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