Lore Drop: Red Caps

Have I mentioned how much I love mythology and folklore yet? No? Ok then…

I LOVE mythology and folklore!! I especially love incorporating folklore into my RPG settings in new and interesting ways; introducing opportunities for empathy and “gray area” while still staying faithful to certain key elements of the original tales. One example of this is the Iyasteran take on Red Caps.

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Storytelling Around the World

It should come as no surprise that I love storytelling. It’s a supremely important part of the human experience that drives creativity, imagination, cultural knowledge and traditions, and helps to make sense of the world around us. Every culture around the world has its own set of traditions, from oral storytelling to dance and visual artwork. Even the elements within the stories are emphasized and communicated in a myriad of ways, beyond the method of transference itself. The more I study these different practices, the more inspiration I find for my own storytelling style…I hope you will find them inspiring as well!

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