Wanderer’s Journal: Through the Forest

Hello, fair Scribblers! I’d like to introduce new segment: the “Wanderer’s Journal”! This is going to be a re-ocurring series with observations and interesting things I’ve learned while wandering across the realms.

One of my favourite things to explore on my travels are the different forests and woods of the world. There’s just something about the feeling of a forest, simultaneously ancient and teeming with life, that captures the imagination.

Travelers must be careful, however, as the larger forests tend to take on certain strange qualities…many are safe enough, so long as you keep to the path, but others may prove more challenging to traverse. There are plenty of cautionary tales that advise against going into the woods on your own (especially at night), and for good reason! Strange things can hide behind those trees…

I’ve learned that there are, generally speaking, certain types of forests that you might discover…here are some of the notes I’ve gathered in my journal. May they prove useful for you on your adventures!

The Dark Forest

This forest is shadowy and menacing, usually the sort that hides an ancient evil of some kind that has begun to re-awaken. The trees are twisted, the canopy blocks out the sun, and the shadows seem to reach towards you as you pass through. Staying in this forest for too long will have negative effects on the adventurer’s psyche. May also harbour shades and undead that like to take on the visage of someone from your past.

The Blighted Forest

Similar to the Dark forest, but these trees have been poisoned or otherwise corrupted by an evil presence. The adventurers must travel to the heart of the forest to cleanse it and return it to its healthy state, or the blight may spread even further. The flora and fauna here are twisted and have likely forgotten their original forms. Once the forest is cleansed, all of its inhabitants will return to their normal states as well. Try not to eat anything that lives or grows here.

The Enchanted Forest

Full of a powerful and vibrant magic. Colours are a bit brighter here, and everything seems to have a faint glow to it. There is danger, to be sure, but it’s usually the mischevious kind that lures you deeper within and leaves you wondering why the path has suddenly disappeared. Journeys through this forest usually leave the adventurer changed in some way, either physically, mentally, or spiritually. Just stay away from the rings of mushrooms.

The Ancient Forest

This forest has seen the rise and fall of empires and will continue to live long after the adventurers retire and pass on. The trees here have a sentience of their own and will spread the word of your coming. They also will have the means of defending themselves against intruders who wish to cause harm to the forest or its denizens. There is a raw, primal quality to the flora and fauna here who live here, as they have learned to respect and coexist with the unrefined power of nature. Show the utmost respect to the life here, or you may not make it out in one piece.

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