About Scriv

Scriv the Bard: Storyteller, Wanderer, and Homebrew Dungeon Master for the Whole Family

This blog is inspired by my love for storytelling and role-playing games…specifically Dungeons and Dragons! In particular, it was born from my experiences of volunteering at our local bookstore and teaching children how to play D&D and create their own stories. There seemed to be a surprising shortage of family-friendly adventures and introductory resources out there (with the exception of Wizards of the Coast’s Starter Sets), so I decided to explore the topic and share what I have learned with you!

Within these pages, I will talk about storytelling, my experiences with creating D&D adventures (for players both young and old), and any interesting treasures I stumble across. I hope you enjoy it!

This blog is still in its early stages, so please bear with me as it continues to evolve! If you have any recommendations for content, feel free to leave a comment below! You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!