About Scriv

Scriv the Bard: Writer and Storyteller for Adventurers of All Ages!

Scriv is a Cultural Psychologist who decided to multiclass as a Bard, and now spends her time exploring the way RPGs and Storytelling shape the lives of those who enjoy them!

The journey began with introductory D&D sessions at a local bookstore. Those evolved into storytelling workshops, campaigns, and the Heroes of Iyastera family-friendly adventures. Today, Scriv is a fully-fledged writer and game designer, whose work can be seen in the Uncaged Anthology (Vol III), Hatchling Games productions, and her own indie game, Bard RPG. They also can be found managing projects and programs for the Bard Commune, or live streaming on Twitch!

Within these pages, we’ll explore tales from all around the world, experiences with all-ages RPG adventures, and any other interesting treasures Scriv stumbles across in her wanderings.

If you have any recommendations for article topics or games, feel free to leave a comment below. You can find even more content on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch!