About Scriv

Scriv the Bard: Storyteller, Wanderer, and Homebrew Dungeon Master for the Whole Family

This tale begins with an RPG event at our local bookstore, in which I volunteered to run a whole day of introductory D&D  games for children and their parents. That event spawned even more games, which then evolved into a three-part workshop series that teaches children how to create D&D stories of their own! For a game that so many on the “outside” think is primarily for kids, there is a remarkable lack of family-friendly adventures and introductory resources out there (with the exception of Wizards of the Coast’s Starter Sets)…and so Scriv was born! This blog is my way of exploring the topic of family-friendly, multigenerational D&D and sharing my love for storytelling!

Within these pages, I will talk about different stories and legends from around the world, my experiences with creating D&D adventures (for players both young and old), and any other interesting treasures I stumble across in my wanderings. I hope you enjoy it! If you have any recommendations for content, feel free to leave a comment below! You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!