Bard RPG and Website Updates!

Bard RPG Cover Art

Hello Everyone!

It’s been *checks watch* …a long time since we had some updates through here, but I have SO MANY things to share with you.

First and foremost, I am happy to announce that the website is undergoing a complete overhaul! In the coming weeks, you’ll see some changes to the way past articles are being organized and even some new artwork, so please bear with me during the process.

Next, I have fully moved away from creating content for D&D. I made this shift last year with the full transition to publishing my own system, Bard RPG. This has been in the works for a long time, and the team and I are thrilled to share it with you! We had a successful Kickstarter run last spring and production is in full swing. I’m eager to share examples of actual gameplay– and even a shiny new System Reference Document (SRD) and Open Game License (OGL)– with you all over the coming months. I’ll share progress updates and sneak peeks into the game in separate posts, so be sure to keep an eye on this space 🙂

As for the previous DnD content, the full Heroes of Iyastera library will still be available in an Archives section of the website, but everything will be available for free download! While the new storefront is being updated, please feel free to check out the Heroes of Iyastera library at this Google Drive link. I’ll keep this open up until the website is updated, so feel free to start using these resources for your home adventures.

Finally, the Twitch Channel is also undergoing some updates, but we are back in action with weekly Chill Creation and Gaming content, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at Bard RPG and other Indie TTRPG games from our friends in the community.

That’s all for now! I hope you are as excited for this new direction as I am. The family-friendly gaming focus of this website will remain the same, and I look forward to sharing new ideas, stories, and adventures with you all in this new year.

Keep Adventuring, Scribblers <3

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