The Adventure Begins…

“You have been traveling together for a while now, exploring the mountains, caves, and forests of Moineir. You’ve done good deeds at every village you’ve visited– whether it’s protecting townsfolk and their farms from wild beasts, or fending off bandits and thieves. Today, you find yourself in the middle of a new adventure…”

Far from being an activity reserved for shy, reclusive folk, Dungeons and Dragons (or D&D) is a way for anyone, regardless of age or background, to invigorate the imagination and create a tale of adventure with friends! You can tell any kind of story you like: fantasy, science-fiction, horror, post-apocalypse…your only limitations are the boundaries of your own imagination!

In addition to providing hours (and I do mean hours) of fun and excitement, D&D has proven to have numerous positive effects on psychological health, as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal skills development. These pages will showcase some of these examples, experiences from games I have played or run, the joys of worldbuilding, and finally some fun workshop ideas for children and their families!

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