Welcome, Session Zero Con!

Hello new friends, and welcome to Iyastera 🙂 If you are here from Session Zero Con, please make yourself and home and peruse the stories on the site…but here are some goodies to get you started!

If you’re not visiting from Session Zero: it’s a fantastic virtual convention that celebrates diverse game designers in the Philippine Tabletop Role-Playing Game community. This year’s event is completely virtual and hosts SEA exhibitors from all around the world!

No matter what brought you here, make yourself at home and enjoy these freebies! The products below can be used by GMs and Players alike, for inspiration and random events/items for your TTRPG game at home:

Epic Deeds of Iyastera

These Epic Deed Cards represent different quests you can explore as you become a Legendary Hero of Iyastera– each one represents a side quest or a bit of lore from throughout the timeline of the realm. Please use them for inspiration in your own adventures!

Fey-Wild Cards

These were released nearly a year ago, for a Fey-bruary themed bundle! One of the family Iyastera campaigns I run has been exploring the Feywild for several sessions (who knows what will happen when they try to return…hmmm). This bundle of cards is inspired by that group and the shenanigans they have either encountered or caused themselves…enjoy at your own risk!

D&D For Kids Resources

If you’re new to the Scribblefam, you may not know this, but I got my start running and writing games for young players and their families! It all began with some simplified character sheets and a D&D Storytelling workshop…I’d like to share them with you in case you have some young heroes who’ve been itching for adventure 🙂

I hope you enjoy these goodies! Feel free to check out the Library for more 🙂

Happy Adventuring!

Scriv <3

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