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The Heroes of Iyastera

A Series of Family Adventures

The Heroes of Iyastera Adventures are specifically crafted for families and new adventurers to enjoy as players and Dungeon Masters alike! Each full guide comes with a brief introduction to D&D, guidelines for rules and character creation, and an original adventure that can be run by anyone regardless of age or DM experience. You will also have the option of purchasing stand-alone adventures without the additional guidelines. With the exception of The Luminous Lake, adventures will be offered in both non-illustrated and illustrated versions, which contain original pieces from independent artists.

Prices are offered in GBP, but I will accept the converted payment in other currencies as well! Once payment is received, I will email you the PDF file. If there are enough sales, I plan to upgrade this blog to the Business Plan so the products are hosted by the site itself!

If you would like to pay in a different currency, or if you have any questions about the products offered, please feel free to email me at!

The Luminous Lake


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This is the flagship adventure in the Heroes of Iyastera series– originally created for the D&D Storytelling Workshops and Family One-Shots hosted by Heffers Cambridge— in which adventurers explore the mysteriously secluded village of Runda and discover why the fish seem to have disappeared from the lake.
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 38 Pages
What’s Included:

  • Guidelines for Character Creation
  • Basic Gameplay Mechanics
  • Luminous Lake One-Shot
  • Scriv’s Scribblers Character Sheets (Blank and Pre-Generated)
  • Exclusive Artwork by Independent Artists:
    • Katherine Miller, @argonskiesart
    • Nuria Muñoz Bueno, @nurimunibuni
    • Shea Manweiler, @monocledoctopus
    • Timothy Tryon, @beetlebomber52

Ways to Buy: PDF



Luminous Lake PDF (GBP)


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