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Worldbuilding for a Family Campaign

Worldbuilding is simultaneously the most exciting and frustrating part of writing a D&D story. Not only are you creating a world of your own imaginings, but you must breathe life into it with the history, people, and towns that will all evolve as your players begin to influence it...and you are never fully done! There… Continue reading Worldbuilding for a Family Campaign

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Lore Drop: Less is More

There is a delicate balance between revealing enough detail and lore to give the game some realism, while at the same time leaving enough "unknowns" to entice them to keep exploring. For younger players especially, it also creates a sense of discovery and excitement when they uncover new secrets about the world! But be careful,… Continue reading Lore Drop: Less is More

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Roll Initiative: Building Encounters for Kids

Few things are as exciting to hear around the gaming table as those two simple words: "Roll Initiative!" It is the intake of breath before rushing forward, swords raised, the hearty laugh in the face of danger, the raucous battle cry as you leap into the great unknown, with either victory or doom awaiting you.… Continue reading Roll Initiative: Building Encounters for Kids

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Scriv’s Scribbler’s Character Sheet!

Hey there, Scribblers! In case you missed it at the end of Tools of the Trade, I wanted to share the Beginner's Character Sheet in a separate post, for easy access! As I mentioned before, this a simplified version of the 5e character sheet, perfect for new players! To be honest, I would have preferred something… Continue reading Scriv’s Scribbler’s Character Sheet!

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Workshop Notes: How to Avoid Metagaming

One of my core philosophies is that the rules are meant to be adapted to your players and the unique story you wish to tell. I suppose this leads to my more flexible DM style, in which I will often bend the guidelines in the Player's Handbook and the Dungeon Master's Guide in favor of… Continue reading Workshop Notes: How to Avoid Metagaming

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Tools of the Trade

As I've gotten older, I've realized I have a thing for "kits". It's oddly satisfying, gathering a collection of carefully curated items that share a common purpose...whether it's your camping gear, a first-aid kit, your go-to stash of snacks and sweets you keep in your desk drawer at work (I know I'm not the only… Continue reading Tools of the Trade

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Four Tips for Writing Family-Friendly Adventures

In "What I Learned from DMing for Children", I talk about running a D&D adventure for kids. In this post, we will explore some of the things that take place before you get to the table when writing the adventure. While there will be some overlap, I recommend reading that first post before you continue… Continue reading Four Tips for Writing Family-Friendly Adventures

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Workshop Notes: Passing the DM Screen

The first series of the D&D Storytelling Workshops came to a close last weekend, with a fully customized, Scene-by-Scene one-shot in which the children had the chance to take turns acting as the DM. The adventure was inspired by the students themselves, using their ideas from the first two Workshops. In Workshop One, they created a… Continue reading Workshop Notes: Passing the DM Screen

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D&D Workshops: Creating Immersive Descriptions…Even if you Don’t Read Fantasy

The first session of our D&D Storytelling Workshop Series was a hit!! In case you missed it, a bit of background: I have created a three-workshop series for local children, focused on developing the storytelling skills that will help them become Dungeon Masters for their own games at home. Workshop One focused on setting a foundation… Continue reading D&D Workshops: Creating Immersive Descriptions…Even if you Don’t Read Fantasy