Tales from Iyastera: Midnight


You arrive in the Tashkili city of Alsam on the eve of the new year, as celebrations are somewhat undermined by rising tensions with Imeia, the province to the north. One minute you’re listening to a town crier sharing news of the latest scuffle, the next thing you know you’re laying on a temple floor with three dead guards, an empty reliquary, and no memory of how you got there.

You have until midnight to prove your innocence…or be executed.


The “Tales from Iyastera” are shorter 5e modules exploring standalone stories from the Iyastera campaign setting. The product includes a basic plot, NPCs, loot, and full combat stat blocks.

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 3 Pages

Recommended Level: 5-6

***For more of the lore behind this adventure, check out Lore Drop: The Red Queen!


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