Scribbler’s Pack


Running a School D&D Group? Then this bundle might come in handy!

In addition to the Scribbler’s Character Sheets and D&D Storytelling Workshop Guide, you’ll also get two Heroes of Iyastera Adventures: the rotating-DM style “Sing No More” and another of your choosing! As an added bonus, the Scribbler’s Pack comes with a one-on-one consultation to help you plan and prepare for running family-friendly games!



Every Scribbler’s Pack PDF Bundle Includes:

  • Blank and Pre-Generated Scribbler’s Character Sheets
  • The D&D Storytelling Workshop Guide
  • Rotating-DM Adventure “Sing No More”
  • A Heroes of Iyastera or Tales from Iyastera Adventure of your choosing
  • One-on-One Consultation (can be through email or Discord)


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