New GM Care Package

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Are you starting your adventure as a new GM? Let me help you get started!

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or you already have an idea for your story, this Care Package will provide you with helpful resources to help that first session go smoothly. As with the Scribbler’s Pack, this bundle comes with a one-on-one consultation to help you develop your ideas and tailor the items you receive to your story!



The New GM Care Package includes:

  • Campaign Session Note Taker
  • Ready-to-Use NPCs with Stat Blocks and Backstories
  • Magic Items with Origins and Special Features
  • D&D Storytelling Guide
  • Free Heroes of Iyastera or Tales from Iyastera Adventure
  • One-on-One Consultation (can be through email or Discord)

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3 reviews for New GM Care Package

  1. Pell

    Review for New GM Care Package
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Scriv is very kind and easy to work with, and the included materials are really nice! 100% would recommend!

  2. Ellie

    Scriv is an absolutely wonderful person and so kind!! All of the material is absolutely rad and I can’t wait to use it all!!

  3. Sabrina

    When I started to talk to Scriv regarding this package, I was expecting a simple pdf file of generic “tips and tricks” of being a good GM that you see often online. This is, of course, useful when you are a new GM like myself, so I checked this package out.

    Oh boy, was I mistaken. Scriv took the time to listen to me about my campaign, learn about the different ways I play, the struggles I noticed I was having, and asked about the different players in my group as well. Later on that day, I received an email filled with resources, ideas, and examples that I could use, all tailored specifically to what my players and I needed. As an example, I mentioned that most of my players in my game are children, so Scriv added in resources and gave me ideas on how to engage them and help make the game great for them too.

    All in all, genuinely invaluable. Definitely recommend.

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