Heroes of Iyastera: Sing No More

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There’s trouble in the shining city of Alveardon and you, as new detectives in the City Guard, must investigate the latest crisis: theft and murder at Fortuna Bank. Explore the streets of Alveardon, meet the denizens of the city, and find the stolen Dwarven gold. Mystery, criminal networks, and sentient animals await in this unique adventure!




The second in the Heroes of Iyastera collection, Sing No More is an adventure created with the young DMs in the Storytelling Workshops! They came up with the plot, setting, NPCs, and even the villain!

“Scene-By-Scene” means that it is designed for a rotating-DM style of play: each player has the chance to DM a one-page scene, while the rest of the party uses their PCs they created. Each page of the adventure has the basics that they needed to move the story along with major events and plot points, NPCs, clues, skill check guidelines, and lore.

So if you like bank heist murder mysteries with stolen gold, criminal networks, and talking animals, you’ll love Sing No More!

Genre: Magi-Punk/Mystery

Length: 15 Pages


1 review for Heroes of Iyastera: Sing No More

  1. Karen Whitaker

    Review for Heroes of Iyastera: Sing No More
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    This was a lovely game to run with my school D&D group, and a fun way to get all students to try DMing in a low-stakes environment. Students LOVED the murder-mystery storyline. Some were more comfortable DMing than others, but having me seated beside them as a co-DM helped. Due to the linear nature of the adventure, there were a few speedbumps when low ability checks led to clues not being found, and some slight “railroading” as we directed the investigating PCs from scene to scene, but that really is necessary in this sort of “murder mystery” genre when each player gets to DM. I’m wondering if a similar model of shared DMing can be made where lack of success with roles doesn’t hamper the storyline so much – maybe more of an “open concept” exploration of a village, where each player DMs a different scene, and based on outcomes the teacher can DM the final encounter?

    Overall, would recommend for first-time DMs in a group – particularly for school or library groups. A couple of students who were at first hesitant are now excited about writing their own adventures, so I consider that a major success!

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