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Worldbuilding: Culture and Language

During our last Worldbuilding post, we explored some of the things that impact the development of a community's sense of culture and identity, like geography, how they transfer knowledge, and how they feel about other cultures. Today, let's look at the way different cultural norms and values are reflected in the language-- I don't just… Continue reading Worldbuilding: Culture and Language

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Fantasy Fridays: Child of the Serpent (Pt IV)

To read the story up to this point, check out Parts I, II, and III!) The town stretched farther and farther behind them, as they rode silently past the surrounding farms, unseen as most of their neighbours were inside-- like reasonable folk, Deryn thought as she tightened her cloak around her.  After a while, the… Continue reading Fantasy Fridays: Child of the Serpent (Pt IV)

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Update Time: D&D for Kids Resources!

Hey Scribblers! Just a quick update to tell you about the new D&D for Kids Resources page!! We now have a consolidated location for the Scriv's Scribbler's Character Sheets and the brand-new guide for the D&D Storytelling Workshop that started it all! Follow the link in The Library, or check it out here! In other… Continue reading Update Time: D&D for Kids Resources!