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Serpent’s Redemption

Animals are a common theme across the spectrum of folklore and fables, with many animals presented as embodiments of certain virtues: Foxes are clever Owls are wise Lions are proud There are positive and negative characteristics for most of the creatures...except for the Snake. In most western storytelling, our friend Snake is associated with qualities… Continue reading Serpent’s Redemption

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D&D for Kids: Game to Grow

On Monday, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Adam J. from Game to Grow, a Seattle-based organization devoted to helping children develop healthy inter- and intrapersonal skills through therapeutic RPGs! Adam and co-founder Adam (yes, they're both named Adam) embarked on this journey back in 2013 when they decided to combine their experiences in… Continue reading D&D for Kids: Game to Grow

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Foot of the Mountain Hits 1000!

Hey Scribblers! Have you met my good friend Foot yet? No?!? Then you need to check out his stuff right now! He creates fantastic RPG maps, magic items (his latest enchanted creation is something called a Bloodhound Ring, which I plan on introducing to the Heroes of Iyastera campaigns), NPCs, and more! To celebrate his first 1000… Continue reading Foot of the Mountain Hits 1000!

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Behind The Screen: Getting to know Alizarinessence!

Welcome to our first "Behind the Screen" interview, featuring the Scribbler behind The Dirigible of Dreams, Alice Platander (@alizarinessence)!   What first inspired you to play DnD or other RPGs? Actually, I'm not sure of when or where I heard about DnD, but I actually got into it about a year and a half ago… Continue reading Behind The Screen: Getting to know Alizarinessence!

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All Rolled Up UK

DISCLAIMER: I am not partnered with or sponsored by All Rolled Up. This is just a shout out to the people who make some awesome products! I've never been the type to drool over jewelry or most fashion accessories (RPG, video game, and Studio Ghibli merch don't count, right??). No, the things that really grab… Continue reading All Rolled Up UK

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Update Time: Holiday Edition!

Hey Scribblers! Time for another Update Post-- Holiday Edition! It's been quite an exciting year, full of new opportunities, new friends and long-time companions, and always thrilling adventures! It's that time of year to reflect upon the months past and think ahead for the here are some things to look forward to for the… Continue reading Update Time: Holiday Edition!

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A Story about a Bookshop

It's Story Time! This is my first post in a series of things I find interesting, entertaining, or just outright wonderful...and what better way to begin than to talk about a place that is near and dear not only to my own heart, but the collective heart of Cambridge as a whole: Heffers Bookshop! When… Continue reading A Story about a Bookshop