Child of the Serpent (Part VIII)

The doors opened to reveal a hall much larger than she expected, adorned with metal sconces, tile mosaics on the walls, and pale cobbled stone on the floor, replacing the hard earth from the tunnel. Most remarkably, however, was what she saw in in the center of the hall: a long stone walkway that led to the center of a lake that seemed to glow with a strange light, it’s surface so still it could have been glass. Keep on reading!

Child of the Serpent (Part VII)

Wordlessly, they finished caring for the horses and set off deeper into the caves, moistness from the cave eventually giving way to dryer stone tunnels that wound deeper into the earth. This is farther into the hills than I’ve ever dared to come, who would have known there was a network of caves out here…she thought as she picked her way carefully through the path her grandmother seemed to find without trouble. Keep on reading!

Talking about the weather

When I was a child, my parents would often scold me for zoning out and daydreaming. I would lose myself looking out the window or up at the sky while taking our dog for a walk. I was enchanted by the depth of the sky, the way the clouds caught the light of the sun some days and grew dark and rumbling the next. The way the weather shifts and flows has always seemed like a sort of magic to me…and I’m not the only one! The weather features heavily in many myths around the world. Here are some different beliefs about a few of my weather patterns:

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