The Pick-Up Game

Pick-Up or Drop-In games are a common occurrence at game nights and conventions, and are a great way to build the gaming community. In fact, most of the D&D players I know were introduced to the hobby in this way, and left that first game completely hooked! Having been both a player and a GM in these types of scenarios, I know it can be intimidating to sit down with people you’ve never met before and put yourself in such a vulnerable position as role playing a new game. At first, it can feel a bit like finding a place to sit in the cafeteria at a new school (I remember that transfer student life…it’s hard to start over in an already-established social environment), but rest assured that there are others around the table that feel the same way. Once you realize that, the Pick-Up game can be one of the most rewarding ways to play!

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Homebrewed: One Shot Quick-Build

“Hey, let’s play D&D this weekend!”

Imagine getting that text on a Thursday night. If you’re a player, this could be really exciting! But what if you’re the “Designated DM” of your group? Are you ready to run a last-minute session? If not, that text can quickly change from exciting to anxiety-inducing in no time at all! You could buy a pre-made module from DMsGuild or check out some Adventurer’s League content, but you’ve been wanting to try your hand at something new, a homebrewed adventure that will be unique to your party.

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