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Game Mechanics: Character Growth and Social Engagement

D&D has a lot of options for customizing a character with different abilities and personality traits, but not as much as far as built-in mechanics go for role-playing said character. At the end of the day, D&D was originally a monster hunting/sword and sorcery game that eventually adopted a more narrative focus in the most… Continue reading Game Mechanics: Character Growth and Social Engagement

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Factions of Iyastera: The Shabaka

It's time for another Iyastera lore post!! This one details a criminal network within Tashkil-- perfect goes for those cunning and resourceful party Rogues (or College of Whispers Bards) who like to have connections across the kingdoms. The Shabaka is a network of thieves and information brokers in Tashkil, are used by politicians and nobles… Continue reading Factions of Iyastera: The Shabaka

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D&D for Kids: Game to Grow

On Monday, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Adam J. from Game to Grow, a Seattle-based organization devoted to helping children develop healthy inter- and intrapersonal skills through therapeutic RPGs! Adam and co-founder Adam (yes, they're both named Adam) embarked on this journey back in 2013 when they decided to combine their experiences in… Continue reading D&D for Kids: Game to Grow

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Worldbuilding: “By the Gods!”

I've always loved studying different myths and folktales from around the world, and learning how these beliefs in the supernatural, magical, and divine help to shape our understanding of the world around us. Games like D&D offer a unique opportunity to explore these different perspectives within worlds where gods and powerful beings can reach out… Continue reading Worldbuilding: “By the Gods!”