Feybruary 2020: Wrap-Up

Feybruary is nearly over, Scribblers! I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring more of the Iyasteran Feywild with you and wanted to leave you with some goodies!

During this month’s Chill Creation Streams, we’ve created two brand new products (both of which can be found in the Library):


Remember the Enchanted Advent Calendar I shared on Patreon? This month I wanted to take that same concept and explore the strange and wonderful sights you might see while exploring the Feywild! This set of 30 cards can be printed out and used in your game for setting descriptions, strange encounters, and just random effects. You can use them for inspiration as a GM or have the Players draw them and watch the chaos unfold! The Fey-Wildcards are not attached to any particular NPCs or Iyastera plot points, but they could very well inspire threads in your own campaigns!

Here’s a glimspe of some of my favourites:

The full set can be found here, in the Bundles category!

A Brush with Trouble

Faelie’s updated NPC page!!

A while back, I created a Scribbler Page for Faelie, the Gnome Painter who, having slipped into the Feywild as a child, now spends her days creating beautiful works of art for the denizens of the forests! This is an NPC I had prepared for a Heroes of Iyastera campaign but (as often happens in D&D) the party never encountered her! Instead of leaving her lonely in my campaign notes, I wanted to give Faelie her very own story…and so the second Tales from Iyastera adventure was born!

In “A Brush with Trouble”, you can help our favourite artist retrieve her paints from some mischevious Squirrelfolk…and find out who is really behind the heist! Like Midnight, Faelie’s tale is a short-story one shot with a basic plot progression, NPC details, and recommended rewards for the heroes to enjoy.

You can find it here!

…and now, and Update

As Feybruary comes to a close, I’m getting ready to leave again for another bout of wandering! Unfortunately, this means that I won’t be streaming until I return in early April…but no need to fret! I will continue sharing stories and musings right here at scrivthebard.com and on Patreon! I’ll also still be around on Twitter, Instagram, and our Heroes of Iyastera Discord Channel.

The end of Feybruary also will mark my debut over at Meeple Mountain! My first article for the Meeples will go up later this week…all about TTRPGs and Family Game Nights! I’ll be sure to re-blog it here so be sure to keep an eye out!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the Fey-Wildcards and A Brush with Trouble 🙂

Keep Adventuring, Keep Scribbling!

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