Bridget Boulderfall, Community-Built NPC

If you tuned into our first inaugural Scriv-tival Twitch stream last weekend, you’ll have seen our Scribbler-built NPC, Bridget Boulderfall!

Bridget is a Gnome Paladin who has trained all her life to become a dragonslayer and avenge the sacrifice of her eldest sister. She’s determined, principled, and has a habit of jumping to conclusions…we had a lot of fun creating her story together! Next week, we’ll be crafting her Ancestral Battle Axe, Avalanche.

Unless stated otherwise, all NPCs and Magic Items created on stream will be made available for free download here on the site or on Patreon. If you missed the stream and want to see the creative process, head to the Scriv the Bard Twitch channel!

…and without further ado, I present to you, Bridget Boulderfall!

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