Celebrating the First Anniversary with Scriv-tival 2019!

In case you missed the news on my various social media accounts, we’re celebrating the end of our first year since beginning this adventure!!!

Exactly one year has passed since this site began with the first blog post: Adventures for the Family: What I learned from DMing for Children. Since then, I’ve released new articles and stories each week and continued to explore All-Ages D&D and RPG adventures with the support from wonderful Scribblers like you! This has been such a wonderful year, filled with new friendships and stories to share.

To celebrate, we’re going to hold our first-ever stream on Twitch! This is a chance for the Scribbler Network to get together for Q&A, chatting about D&D for Kids and Heroes of Iyastera, and crafting some community-built NPCs (like the ones I create for my Patreon patrons)! Anything we create on the stream will be publicly available through Patreon or for download right here on the site.

There will be some exciting announcements made on stream tomorrow, including new DMsguild projects for the coming year, new partnerships, and possibly plans for more consistent streaming in the future…but I don’t want to spoil too much!

Join us tomorrow at 7pm BST (2pm EST) at www.twitch.tv/scrivthebard!

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