Child of the Serpent Part X

“You have a gift, child. The only ones who understand it are the Scribes here in the temple, it’s—” Derryn cut her grandmother off, anger flaring up once more.

“And why do I still not understand it then?” she asked impatiently, voice elevating. “All I know at this point is how much I dont know about our family, how much you have kept from me. How much you have lied!” Gran’s eyes grew wide in surprise, seemingly unable to answer.

“I thought mother was a merchant, and that she was killed by thieves. I thought we were sheepherders—but now, I realize that it was all a lie! You’ve been part of this…this temple, this underground community for years, and you’ve only now seen fit to tell me! Why now?” Her voice pitched, and she felt her body trembling with rage, tears beginning to blur her vision. “To talk about my dreams? You used to say they were nothing to worry about, but this morning you called them something else—some strange word. If they are so damned important, why didn’t you tell me before? And how long have you been telling him?” She pointed a shaking finger towards Rinn, who was standing with his back to them, as if to give them privacy. “A stranger who seems to know more about our family than I do? Why should I trust him…or you?” She let the question hang smoldering in the air. Gran was still staring, tears making her eyes shine. Rinn still stood with his back turned.

Derryn swallowed and slowly unclenched her hands. “If you don’t trust me enough to tell me the truth, how can I trust you?” She said at last, softly.

The old woman stood from her chair, her eyes still gleaming, and hugged her granddaughter tightly. Derryn could feel the warm moisture from her tears bleeding into her shirt. “I’m so sorry”, Gran whispered, her voice muffled. Derryn slowly brought her arms up to return the embrace but said nothing. “I should have never hidden this from you…you have a right to know.” Gran said, pulling away. “You’re right to be angry. My only thought was to protect you, I never thought that by hiding this from you I was causing you more pain.” Tears came unbidden now, and both women’s faces were shining wetly in the firelight. “I won’t ask you to forgive me yet—”

“No more lies.” Derryn interjected firmly. A pause…then a nod. “No more lies” Gran agreed, squeezing Kyra’s hands in her own.

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