Factions of Iyastera: Guards, Knights, and Mercenaries

Now that the kingdoms are no longer warring, there are a number of soldiers and fighters who were left with little to do. Many became guards and swore to serve and protect the people of the realm. Others with less lofty aspirations decided to splinter into mercenary groups and earn their fortunes as sellswords. Here are a few of these different factions– this time specific to Moineir– that a player may wish to join as a Hero of Iyastera:

For the warriors who enjoy structure, organization, and professional employment by the councils, they may join the ranks of Protectors or Preservers.

Protectors are the law enforcement of Moineir, the “White Knights” who make up the officer corps of the city guard and formal militias. As the name suggests, they are responsible for protecting towns and cities, training and leading the guards, and generally keeping the peace. They are fighters and paladins of the White Wolf, Tiramac.

Preservers are the balance to the Protectors. They are a specialty unit that neutralizes and apprehends violent magi who resist registration, working in the grey area of the law and answering directly to the Council. They are limited in number and undergo strict training while studying the ways of Forseti, goddess of judgement and justice. Preservers are almost exclusively Paladins.

The Protectors and Preservers both keep their headquarters in the Hall of Balances, in the capital city of Cashell. The Hall of Balances proper serves as a starting point for new recruits as they begin their journey as Pages and a center for operations for both Protectors and Preservers.

Pages are robed in grey uniforms, as they are not sworn to either Protectors or Preservers right away. The Hall contains special rooms for training and study with higher ranking mentors from both parties. Once a Page studies for two years, it is decided which branch they more suited to, and the Page can graduate to the level of Squire. As a Squire, they are paired with a Knight and will accompany them on their journeys and missions until they are ready to meet their own rite of passage and become a Knight themselves.

If you’re someone who prefers a more unconventional approach and the freedom of comparative self-employment, perhaps the mercenary path is of greater interest.

Clan Crios is the more refined of the mercenary groups within Moineir. Clan Crios enjoys greater support form the major cities and will often support jobs from nobles, merchants, etc. There is a certain code of honour amongst members, and they are more organized in regards to their training and the way they conduct business. Its members are free to come and go as they please, so long as they continue to contribute to the clan stores with consistent work and payment. A Crios member operates under an agreed-upon contract and will not (knowingly) support unlawful requests, at the risk of a damaged reputation. They are based out of the southern city of Port Farraige.

Clan Creag is what you might call rough-around-the-edges. They are not as formal or organized as Crios and its ranks tend to be a bit more cutthroat. They work for whomever pays a good price and will do any job asked of them (lawful or otherwise), no questions asked. Their work is not as refined, and you might expect some collateral damage if you hire a member of Clan Creag. They are known for their more forceful tactics, but they do get the job done. They take loyalty to the clan very seriously and are not as forgiving if a member turns their back on the family. Their main base of operations is just outside the boundaries of Iacosta, a cliffside town to the west.

What do you think? Which faction do you think your Fighter or Paladin would join?

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