Update Time: D&D for Kids Resources!

Hey Scribblers!

Just a quick update to tell you about the new D&D for Kids Resources page!! We now have a consolidated location for the Scriv’s Scribbler’s Character Sheets and the brand-new guide for the D&D Storytelling Workshop that started it all!

Follow the link in The Library, or check it out here!

In other news, I’ve been scribbling away like a mad-Firbolg on these new projects, too:

Uncaged Anthology: In case you hadn’t heard, Volume One of Uncaged is live and available on dmsguild.com!! Stay tuned for future volumes…you’ll see mine in Volume Three, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out now!

12 Days of Midwinter: This is another collaborative anthology featuring some of the same peeps from Uncaged as well as some new voices and artists! It’s going to be a fantastically festive collection of Midwinter-themed adventures from Tiers 1-4. Mine will feature some mischevious fey in a shifting forest 🙂

I also have a couple of mini-campaign collaborations featuring longer stories and lovely artwork!

Illumined Wardens: I’m working with Beetle Bomber (my good friend who also created original art for The Luminous Lake) to bring you a Lovecraftian-Fantasy adventure set in the reclusive city of Castra, a shining and proud city with a dark secret beneath the streets.

You can check out @beetlebomber52’s artwork on Instagram and Twitter…in addition to his original illustrations and paintings, he also does speed painting and cosplay commissions!

Welcome to the Guild: Foot of the Mountain Adventures is creating a collection of fantastic maps for this mini-campaign! Welcome to the Guild will centre around a new members of a classic Adventurer’s Guild who make a name for themselves doing good deeds…until their missions start to take a suspicious turn!

Find @mountain_foot on Twitter and Patreon for some amazing maps and magic items to use in your games at home!

Oh yeah…and I’ve got a new logo! Hope you guys like it 🙂

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