Sing No More: A Sneak Peek

Hey Scribblers! If you haven’t seen it yet on my Twitter feed, I’m going to be releasing one of the two Scene-By-Scene Adventures once we hit 250 followers…and it’ll be free for the first 24hrs!

This adventure is titled “Sing No More”…a bank heist murder mystery created by the young DMs in our D&D Storytelling Workshops! They worked together to create the plot, NPCs, and primary villain– all I did was weave their ideas together!

This adventure is designed for a rotating-DM style of play: each player has the chance to DM a one(ish) page scene, while everyone else has a PC that they have developed for the story.

This was originally created as a way for them to learn how to DM in a cooperative environment, with a story of their own creation…but they ended up having such a good time that I’m going to pursue this style further! Each page of the adventure has the basics that they needed to move the story along with major events and plot points, NPCs, clues, skill check guidelines, and lore. I also included guidelines for running combat! In the event that the party asked a question that wasn’t covered by the notes, the DM for that scene had the opportunity to improvise…and they passed the challenge with flying colors!

Here is a sneak peek…

Sing No More_Sneak Peek

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