Heroes of Iyastera: Group Two Introductions

Introducing the second half of the Heroes of Iyastera! While both adventuring parties began in the same village of Garran, they have already begun to explore different timelines and find a story all their own! You’ve met Group One, now here are the adventurers of Group Two!

Iaw, the Tiefling Sorcerer: One of the few party members to hail from Tashkil, Iaw’s home lies beyond the Imeian Mountains. He keeps his past largely a secret and was once a member of the Shabaka, a criminal network specializing in the trade of information and secrets. He has since left the organization to seek new opportunities in Moineir, where he was drawn to Runda and the rumors surrounding it, still drawn by the allure of secrets and new discoveries.

Kara, the Human Fighter: Orphaned at a young age, Kara grew up amongst other lost children in an orphanage in the southern coastal city of Port Farraige. The lessons she learned fending for herself in the city streets served her well as she honed her skills in combat and prepared to start a new life. She left Port Farraige, the only home she’s known, to find a new purpose in the world and pave her own path.

Iona, the Dragonborn Druid: A kindhearted youngling of the Hrimeldr tribe in Jokull, Iona demonstrated her innate ability to tap into the magic of the natural world from a young age. Her tribe stayed in Jokull through the war, seeking protection in the mountains they called home and remaining even after the kingdom itself disappeared. She wishes to discover the secrets of the long-lost springs.

Kallista, the Tiefling Monk: Kallista trained with her mentor in the foothills of the Imeian mountains of Tashkil, learning all he could teach her of the Order of the Serpent and the followers of Uraeus, god of knowledge and memory. She never forgot the feeling that came over her when she first saw the ruined temple in the mountains and learned how the order has been all but exterminated over the years by those who wish to control the historical records they strove to protect. She set out to find the remnants of the other temples and discover a way to learn as much as she can about the long-lost Scribes.

Walter, the Half-Elf Fighter: Walter grew up in the elven city of Glenfaera, the home of his mother, and was first drawn to the life of an entertainer. Unfortunately, his dance troupe didn’t quite appreciate his…“unique” talents, and so Walter turned to other pursuits. Motivated to see the world outside Glenfaera, and perhaps also to find those who could truly appreciate his skills, he left and found himself in the company of Iona, Kallista, and Kara in the village of Garran.

Tahani, the High-Elf Sorceror: Tahani is also from Glenfaera, from one of the more prestigious noble houses. Here, she had access to the knowledge that would help her harness her Wild Magic more effectively. She studied the lore of the Springs by researching the one still protected within the Glenfaeran forest, protecting by the royal family itself. At the behest of Lord Enda, she began her quest to find traces of other awakening springs, which brought her to Runda and the Lake Guardian there.

Dave, the Half-Elf Cleric: An acolyte of Airmid, goddess of Healing and Medicine, Dave travels to help wherever he can. He met the party at Runda and helped restore balance to the Luminous Lake. Now, he accompanies them still to follow rumors of a mysterious illness in the small village of Garran, where hopefully he can put his knowledge of healing to good use. When it became clear that the illness was arcane in nature, he committed to sticking with his newfound companions to discover the root of the problems plaguing the small farming village.

Bernie, the Dwarf Barbarian: Originally from Tashkil, where his family specialized in mining valuable ore deep in the mountains, Bernie decided that the life of a miner no longer appealed to him, and left to seek his fortunes elsewhere. He is stalwart and brave, if a bit uncertain when it comes to all these tales of magical creatures and springs. He places his faith in his strength and ability to protect his new friends.

Wormwood, the Aasimar Warlock: Though his grandparents fought for Jokull in the war, Wormwood himself is driven by a desire for peace. Sickened by the senseless fighting and political conflict that still persisted long after Jokull disappeared, he left home and began his journey, seeking to find the balance he so craved. Along the way, something strange occurred during his early travels: he found what appeared to be an abandoned temple, but what happened next was lost to him…when he came to his senses, he was gifted with strange powers he hadn’t had before and a strange sense of purpose he has yet to understand.

Olfgar, the Warforged Barbarian: Olfgar was created by Artificer Ironfist one of the high magi of the Alabaster Atheneum, a place of arcane research and knowledge in Jokull. It was those famed halls that he was meant to protect when war erupted. Instead, he fled Jokull with his creator and the creator’s granddaughter, Amber Ironfist. Olfgar’s relationship with Artificer Ironfist was a complicated one, but when the old magus died, he committed to staying by Amber’s side as they pursued the next adventure.

Amber Ironfist, the Dwarf Paladin: Sworn Paladin of Skaoi, the Lady of the Northern Lights, Amber was but an infant when she left Jokull with her grandfather and Olfgar. Her memories are mostly that of life in Moineir, but she has always felt the inexplicable draw of the north, her family’s homeland. She is young, and does not trust easily, but is a bold companion in times of trouble, relying on her connection to Skaoi to light a path through the darkness and protect those in need.

Stay tuned for the account of their first adventures together!

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