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Behind The Screen: Getting to know Alizarinessence!

Welcome to our first “Behind the Screen” interview, featuring the Scribbler behind The Dirigible of Dreams, Alice Platander (@alizarinessence)!



What first inspired you to play DnD or other RPGs?

Actually, I’m not sure of when or where I heard about DnD, but I actually got into it about a year and a half ago thanks to Critical Role and some friends.

What is your favorite thing about DnD?

The most important thing for me about DnD is getting to create and experience stories that would otherwise never exist, and having a worldbuilding project I can work on.

Do you prefer playing or DMing…and why?

I haven’t actually played DnD for more than maybe four sessions, and the group I was playing with was way too big (10 players I think), so I can’t really know. I really enjoy DMing though, but I think it’d be really nice to actually play again. (I’ve made a lot of characters I’d like to play)

Describe a funny/weird RPG experience you’ve had.

One of my players’ High-Elf sorcerer got drunk and passed out at the local inn, and when explaining to his parents what had happened, the Aasimar monk said “He passed away” when they meant “He passed out”. Now, the rest of the party say “It passed out” whenever they kill a monster. The Aasimar even forgot where that inside joke came from at one point.

Finally, tell us about a favorite project that you’ve worked on/are working on! 

I’m of course always working on my campaign, but the next big project I’ll work on is my Halloween costume for next year.

Learn more about alizarinessence on Tumblr and Instagram!


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