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DISCLAIMER: I am not partnered with or sponsored by All Rolled Up. This is just a shout out to the people who make some awesome products!

I’ve never been the type to drool over jewelry or most fashion accessories (RPG, video game, and Studio Ghibli merch don’t count, right??). No, the things that really grab my attention these days are cool gaming accessories! Give me your shelves and displays adorned with your finest dice, towers, and trays! Miniatures primed and ready for painting! Spell cards and battle mats neatly rolled and full of possibility!

Ah yes, these are the things that warm my heart…but out of all the RPG swag to choose from, there are a couple of items that always make it into the bag: my All Rolled Up gear!

All Rolled Up is a UK-based company specialising in folding dice trays, gaming accessory organisation, and a number of other accessories for the discerning adventurer. The products are high-quality and beautifully made, as you can see here:

They’ve partnered with a sizeable list of game companies and artists to bring you some amazing designs. The book pattern was must-have when I saw it, and the foldable dice trays above feature exclusive designs by Deven Rue, for unique and extremely portable gaming!

Their trademark item, the “All Rolled Up” organiser, is hand stitched and thoughtfully designed. According to their website, one roll contains all of the following:

  • A dice bag that holds more than 100 dice, counters, chits, beads, poker chips or whatever you need for your game
  • A dice bag secured with snag-free velcro that holds snug and tight, keeping everything in its place
  • A central pocket that has room to hold a whole deck of playing or trading cards, or a pack of dry wipe cards
  • Slots for up to nine pens, pencils or markers of various sizes, from slim through to chunky, thick board markers

Mine has become a staple item in my gear kit– the ability to store all of my dice, tokens, spell cards, pens, and markers all in one single package makes traveling for D&D workshops and game sessions so much easier. It also prevents the table from becoming too cluttered while we play, leaving plenty of room for combat maps and, most importantly, snacks!

So if you’re looking for some cool new gaming gear for the adventurers in your life (or for yourself), check out All Rolled Up!

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