Update Time: Holiday Edition!

Hey Scribblers! Time for another Update Post– Holiday Edition!

It’s been quite an exciting year, full of new opportunities, new friends and long-time companions, and always thrilling adventures! It’s that time of year to reflect upon the months past and think ahead for the future…so here are some things to look forward to for the new year!

New Workshops!

For you Cambridge Scribblers, I will be opening up new rounds of the D&D Storytelling Workshops, for young aspiring Dungeon Masters (and their parents)! It’s a three-part series, in which we explore Elements of Story and Plot, Immersive Descriptions, Character Perspectives/Motivations, and Improvisation! The workshop culminates with a scene-by-scene adventure in which each participant has the chance to run part of the story as the DM!

For those of you who don’t live in Cambridge, I will offer the Workshop Program in a downloadable format in the shop if there’s enough interest!

One-Shot Commissions!

I’ve opened up two commission spots for custom one-shots for the holidays, but once the new year rolls around I will offer more! These “bespoke adventures” are completely customized based on a questionnaire and consultation. Pricing may vary, depending on the story, but the starting price will be just £5!

New Adventures!

The next Heroes of Iyastera adventure is on the horizon, as well as a Scene-By-Scene adventure originally developed for the D&D Storytelling workshops! My hope is that these, like the Luminous Lake, will be illustrated, but it will be dependent on continued support from you lovely Scribblers!


It’s never easy to ask for payment when it’s something you love…but keeping this fledgling business running requires funding! If you would like to help support these projects and more, please consider checking out the Shop! I also have a ko-fi page where, for the price of a cup of coffee (or tea…I love my tea) you can help fuel this blog and the projects with glorious caffeine! 

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